How Does Google’s Mobile-First Indexing Impact SEO?

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Google has begun the process of rolling out mobile-first indexing to more sites. After a year and a half of testing and experimentation, this is the latest development in Google’s efforts to make the internet more mobile-friendly and resemble user trends. It’s the first time Google has confirmed moving a large number of sites to [...]

10 Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best CMS for SEO

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1. WordPress Focuses on User Experience WordPress’s themes and plugins work together to make websites professional, user-friendly, and attractive. The result? Visitors enjoy the experience they get on a WordPress site. They stay longer, decreasing your overall site bounce rate. If you’re looking to improve your site’s SEO ranking, this is excellent news for you. Google [...]

Increase Your Homepage Conversions

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When you are running an online business the most important thing that you have to pay attention to is conversion optimisation. The final goal is that anyone that lands on your website buys the product or services that you are selling. Unfortunately, things aren’t so simple and there are many steps in between. First, someone [...]

Benefits of Using a Chatbot

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The purpose of chatbots is to support and scale business teams in their relations with customers. Doing this helps businesses save a lot of money which is why many business owners are adopting this technology. And given the fact that these bots can be placed in places like Facebook Messenger, Slack or on your own [...]

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