When you are running an online business the most important thing that you have to pay attention to is conversion optimisation. The final goal is that anyone that lands on your website buys the product or services that you are selling. Unfortunately, things aren’t so simple and there are many steps in between.
First, someone comes on your site, reads some content, then it may need a few more visits until that person subscribes to your newsletter, and then through email marketing, you can get him or her to your sale page and convert them into clients that invest money in what you are offering.
Each step requires a new conversion. That’s why conversion optimisation is essential to be able to maximise your chances of achieving your goal. To help you with this process, we listed a few important things below.

  • Try to think of your homepage almost as a product or service page itself. This doesn’t mean make your homepage like an e-commerce landing page, but to ensure your homepage has a strong purpose and call to action as any good landing page should have.
  • As a user on mobile I always like floating menus and buttons for easy navigation, ideally with a CTA floating so there is always one on show, preventing an additional barrier to conversion.
  • Make it super clear to users what your business is, what you do and why they should buy from you or use your service. From my experience, I’ve seen far too many homepages that use confusing language which is often brand-driven and relies on users to know and understand your terminology. In the case of most brands, users simply don’t. So ditch the buzzwords and focus on clear language which highlights your USPs.
  • Ensure your key product and category pages are internally linked to from the homepage. It’s important to signpost these key pages to users, to make it as easy and obvious as possible to get to pages which are likely to convert users
  • Use chatbots, If you don’t use one today, you’re already far behind.  Learn more about chatbots here